EUROPA Dev Blog #3: The Basics

Programming has officially begun! I put together some more sprites and started working on the actual engine of the game. To get things rolling I made bullet sprites for Europa and the game’s first enemy: the Disc (it’s not round, but I couldn’t think of what else to call it. :P). The Disc is a very simple enemy – it flies in a straight line until it either hits you, gets shot, or goes offscreen. Easy to understand, and good for starting things off as players get comfortable with the game.

Europa can move in eight directions and shoot with the spacebar. Holding the spacebar will continuously fire, so players don’t have to mash it to shoot. As you can see, Europa has a modest firing rate and shot speed. This might change as the game develops, but I didn’t imagine this game being a super fast-paced experience – not relaxing, but nothing that requires hyper focus, either.

Here’s a quick video demo of the programming I’ve implemented so far. As you can see, I’ve got a basic health system working, too. I decided to be a nice guy and avoid using one-hit deaths. 😉

Now that I’ve got basic movement and shooting working, I’ll start working my way down the list and making all of the game’s enemies. Once the enemies are all working, I’ll throw them all at the player and see what happens!



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