EUROPA Dev Blog #8: The End!


Hurrah, EUROPA is complete and ready to play! After roughly three months of development, I’ve put together a little shoot-em-up that I’m quite proud of. It’s nothing super impressive or revolutionary, but I learned a lot from making it and I’m happy with my workflow. I put together a design document, sketched the enemies and objects before jumping on the computer and trying to put them together (normally I make up the designs as I draw them :P), and kept my objects and code nicely organized. I left plenty of comments in my code this time – something I’ve never done before – so that if I ever revisit this game to use the engine or make a sequel or something I can read my notes and remember how I programmed everything. Hooray for good habits!

I’m also very happy with how the sound design turned out. I usually make games like these as an excuse to get some more sound design experience, and after putting together sounds and music for EUROPA I feel a bit more confident in my abilities. I accidentally saved my sounds in the wrong format, though, which is why the filesize is bigger than it should be. I need to remember next time – .mp3s have tiny filesizes!

Regardless of how many people end up playing this game, I’m happy I made it. The last game I released was Artful Bomber, and that was two whole years ago! I’m glad I got another game under my belt, and I feel like this will make a nice portfolio piece. The development blog entries slowed down near the end, but that was mainly because I had gotten most of the core mechanics taken care of and spent the last month or so polishing things up and adding cosmetic stuff: backgrounds, text, arrows, spawn patterns, the high score table, etc. In hindsight, some of that stuff might have been cool to write blog entries for, but the past is done! I’m just happy I made the game, and I extend my hearty thanks to anyone who decides to try it.

If I ever make a sequel to EUROPA, I think I’d want to add more characters to play as and possibly make enemies come from both sides of the screen to keep you on your toes. As it stands now, it’s fun but basic. I might add some kind of combo system to encourage players to avoid missing any enemies or something. I think I want to dive into a different genre for the next game, though. Maybe something puzzley.

Regardless, I made a game, so I can check that off the 2016 checklist. Now I just need to record a Let’s Play of Silent Hill 3 and make that new album with Enzo and 2016 will be a success!


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