My name is Sean. I’m the weirdest person I’ve ever met. I’m short, underweight, neurotic, obsessive-compulsive, absent-minded, and chronically anxious.

My heart belongs to music. I’ve been writing music as long as I can remember, recording improvised songs into old cassette tapes before I learned how to write in cursive. I play bass and am currently fiddling around with a Casio DG-20 guitar. To date, I’ve written 11 albums under my own name and been a part of four other albums released with other bands (The Sexy Einsteins and Flitter). I write and mix my music in Acoustica Mixcraft.

I also enjoy dabbling in game development, drawing, writing, and juggling. I’m no programmer by any stretch of the word, no artist by any stretch of the imagination, and no writer by any stretch of the… something. I’ve always seemed to measure myself by the quantity of things I can make – the more stuff I can put together and release online, the closer I am to realizing my dream of having a backlog of content so large one could get lost in it.

I can only hope to learn and grow as my life goes on, improving myself and my skills until one day I might possibly call myself a “decent bassist” or an “okay writer”. I hope that the content I produce may entertain you in some way, be it through genuine enjoyment or bewildered fascination. I’d like to write more but I think I left the oven on.

-Sean “The Man” Lenox

If you’re interested in collaborating on an audio project of some sort (i.e. you need a sound designer, bassist, or voice actor), shoot me an email at seantheman101@gmail.com. Check out the other pages for some examples of my work. I’d love to hear from you!








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