Sound Design


My dream is to make a living doing sound design work. I’m primarily interested in sound design for games, but I’m more than willing to make sounds for videos, apps, TV, you name it. I haven’t had many opportunities to do sound work for people, so most of my sound design can be heard in my personal projects (see the Games page). I put together several music tracks and libraries of sound effects throughout my college career, however, and am confident in my ability to put together sounds and music for a client. I have no orchestras or high-end recording equipment, but I’m very passionate about my work and eager to start a sound design career.


(instrumental loop, electronic)

(instrumental music, retro)


I put together all of the sounds and music for Mish Mash Machine’s first gaming project, Raising Hell! Check it out here!

Mish Mash Machine wanted the game’s music to have a dark, funky, retro feel. Here is some of the music I put together for the game.

Here is a clip showcasing my SFX design. I recorded all the footsteps and racket/ball sounds in my backyard, and I generated the music and other synthesized sounds. I also did all the voice acting. The audience cheering clip isn’t mine, but I snagged a public domain one!

Here is a quick clip of an interactive demo a friend and I put together for class. This demo showcases some music and sound effects I put together for a game project.


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